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What to do if the windows in the gable walls are not enough to illuminate the attic? How to gain additional headspace at home and let more light inside? How to transform the attic into a spacious kids room or a functional office? A dormer will help you in this!

A dormer is a vertical window in the roof that helps to lighten up the attic. This type of windows appeared for the first time in France in the Gothic period. In the past dormers were richly decorated. Nowadays, they are larger than their baroque predecessors and mostly play a practical role.

A dormer is a highly accentuated and a very distinctive element of the house that influences the look of the building to a large extent. A well-matched dormer can be a house decoration so it is worth to make sure it is coherent with the body of the building.

Dormers are a great solution for steep roofs with high knee walls. A dormer is not only a simple and aesthetic way to illuminate the attic, but also an investment that will surely pay off.

Do you want to change the look of your attic? Do you want to turn your attic into a place where you could gladly invite your friends over? Or maybe you do not know how to choose the best matching shape of a dormer or the size of dormer windows? We will happily help you with this as well!

Advantages of installing a dormer:

  • Better lighting of the attic.
  • Increasing the amount of solar light “falling” inside the room.
  • Gaining additional headspace (thanks to the fact that the roof over the dormer is elevated).
  • More functional character of rooms.
  • Better-looking façade of the building.


The outer look of a dormer should be adjusted to the shape and the size of the body of the building. When choosing such architectural solution, one must take into consideration the pitch and the slope of the roof.

Check for yourself how the construction of a dormer would change the look of your house.

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