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Why choose the dormers from Akrobud?

Learn how you can profit by choosing our dormers!

  • No need to provide maintenance – by choosing the dormers from Akrobud you can once and for all forget about the troublesome and expensive painting of dormers every few years of usage as the materials chosen in the manufacturing process do not require maintenance! The dormers we assemble are made of highest quality HPL panels such as Trespa, plastics from Keralit as well as aluminium painted in a powder coating process. As roofing materials we use the EPDM membrane the durability of which lasts around 50 years.
  • Lower bills – our products have a high insulation capacity; in the roof manufacturing process we use the best quality of thermal insulation, PU foams from Recticel, which is a world-leading manufacturer of these products as well as the HR++ glass as standard.
  • Care for natural environment – we know how important ecology is for you, your family and friends, that is why all materials we use may be recycled. The suppliers with whom we cooperate have one of the most environmental-friendly production lines, which help to save energy and water.
  • Individualism – our wide offer will surely let you find what you need and your house will be easily distinguished from others.
  • Safety – our windows and doors are on standard basis equipped in anti-theft devices and if the case may be we can increase their number to guarantee a proper level of your safety.
  • Durability and reliability – we make our roofs and windows from the highest quality materials and we cooperate exclusively with trusted manufacturers. Our suppliers include among others Trespa, Keralit, Firestone, Schuco.
  • Help of qualified staff and consulting at every stage of the project execution.


Want to know more? Feel free to contact us!