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EUROFLOOR – perfect floor insulation

If you are looking for a floor insulation that will satisfy the expectations of the most demanding customers, the Eurofloor boards are the best among all available insulation materials.

These are rigid polyurethane thermal insulation boards with facing made of damp-proof laminate.  The space in the floor structure designated for the insulation materials is usually rather limited. The low thermal conductivity coefficient of the Eurofloor boards, so-called the lambda value measuring λd=0.023 W/mK enables to use an extremely thin material of only 20 mm, which seems to be a solution satisfying the expectations of every customer.

It must also be noted that the PIR foams that are very resistant to compression are used for the manufacturing of Eurofloor boards. However, the perfect value of the lambda coefficient and the high resistance to compression are not the only advantages of the solution we propose. Thanks to the low weigh and the large format (dimensions: 2500x1200x20 mm) of the Eurofloor insulation boards, they can be quickly and easily installed. 

The Eurofloor boards are also adequate for underfloor heating. Perfect insulation properties of that product result from the use of the facing resistant to alkali substances and of the aluminium coating, which serves as a screen reflecting the warmth coming from the floor heating system.

The Eurofloor boards have a range of certificates and are compliant with all necessary norms, which makes them safe and efficient. We guarantee you’re your satisfaction from the use of the boards will last for many years.

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