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Eurothane G

Eurothane G is an insulation board, which is hard and durable and at the same time light and thin. It has a drywall at one side. Between the polyurethane and gypsum layers there is a vapour barrier, which helps to avoid arduous task of making three insulation layers and help to save money on materials.  

That board is used for insulating attics and inside parts of walls. By choosing Eurothane G boards as an insulation material for your house, you not only choose high quality insulation with the best parameters, but also a new finishing of walls ready for painting or wallpapering.

The Eurothane G boards included in the Akrobud offer can be either bonded by means of adhesives or fixed to the wooden supporting structure with appropriate screws. The choice between different methods of fixation should depend on the type of floor and should take into account the applicable construction norms.

Application of Eurothane G:

  • wall insulation,
  • ceiling insulation,
  • attic insulation,
  • staircase walls insulation,
  • insulation of the inside of historic buildings (in case of monuments any kind of works modifying the look of the façade is forbidden, that is why the Eurothane G boards are the only possible solution for improving the thermal insulation of such building).

Eurothane G can be also used to renovate the attic or change its décor. Perfect insulation properties of Eurothane G lead to gaining additional space as a result of the use of thin panels.

Eurothane G boards measure 2600 x 1200 mm and can have a thickness of 20-120 mm + GK. I

Eurothane G – choose the perfect inside insulation!

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