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Construction for agriculture

The products offered by Akrobud can also be used in the agricultural sector. The solutions we propose can be distinguished by the fact that they are much cheaper than the traditional construction methods, which helps to lower the investment costs.

Timber trusses enable the construction of a durable (also in case of roofs with larger span) yet light and resistant structure. Thanks to the use of modern solutions and technology it is possible to quickly and easily assemble the entire “structure” as well as its separate elements such as insulation boards or roof coverings.

The trusses manufactured by Akrobud are used in farm sheds, garage buildings, buildings where agricultural machinery is being stored, barns, piggeries, henhouses and other farming facilities used by the farmers.

A significant issue related to the trusses dedicated for agricultural sector is the cost of purchase of such solution, as its price is lower than the price of traditional steel, concrete or made of reinforced concrete structures. Moreover, a great advantage of using such technology consists in the lack of additional pillars supporting the structure, which expands the usable area of facilities and their usable opportunities.

The parameters of each construction are designed and adjusted to the individual needs and expectations of the customers, which guarantees a maximum functional character of a given facility.

Are you looking for a quick, economic and environment friendly construction method, which would be suitable for the construction of sheds, farming buildings or piggeries? Get to know our solutions dedicated for the agricultural sector and check yourself what we can offer to you.


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