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„Roof over your house faster than you think“/“Modern roofing solutions for your house“

The main advantages of roof trusses:

  • Comprehensive service with a guarantee
  • Low costs
  • Larger attic space without pillars
  • Smooth surfaces
  • Quick assembly within 1-2 days
  • No risk of thefts at the construction site
  • Savings on foundations
  • Non-limited interior designing possibilities
  • No need to build expensive concrete roofs that could be replaced with a light timber structure

Rafter framing with trusses in houses with attic:

  • Open space with no pillars, which can be arranged in various ways (our imagination is the only limitation)
  • In certain cases in order to lower the costs it is possible to use trusses with nail plates (when the bottom chord of the truss is a ceiling structure)

Rafter framing in houses with non-usable attic:

Contrary to traditional rafter framing structures, the truss structure with nail plates does not rest on a concrete ceiling but constitutes a roof structure itself. Such solution turns out to be very practical especially in case of single-storey buildings with non-usable attic.

  • Elimination of concrete ceiling provides significant savings
  • Possibility of finding additional attic space
  • Possibility of arranging external walls in various ways


Trussed joined by nail plates can also constitute a roof structure. Such solution will turn out to be useful not only in single-storeyed buildings but also in buildings with two or more storeys.

Residential superstructures on flat roofs

It is a perfect solution for houses with flat roofs.


  • possibility of finding additional usable space
  • quick assembly
  • no load on the walls and foundations (thanks to a light superstructure)
  • no costs related to the purchase of a construction plot
  • better insulation characteristics of the building and a nicer look of the outside
  • possibility to create practically any type of superstructure shape
  • easy arrangement of fittings



The offer is directed to construction companies and developers. The roofs can have various shapes from flat roofs to a more complicated and extremely sophisticated roof structures.

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