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PVC Windows

Choose safety and energy efficiency! Keep the warmth inside your house!

Do you want to replace windows in your house or apartment? Do you wish to adjust them to the outside look of the building? Are you interested in trusted solutions and products made of highest quality materials? If yes, then you are in the right place.

We offer very durable windows, resistant to atmospheric conditions. They are an exquisite combination of advanced engineering solutions and the openness to the needs of the customers. Thanks to the applied structural solutions our windows provide high insulation from noise, which helps to enjoy quiet and calm moments. The systems put inside the windows guarantee (even in the basic version) an anti-theft protection, which increases the comfort and safety of living.

Our windows are made of highest quality profiles and have remarkable thermic and acoustic features. It all helps to turn your house into a calm, warm and safe haven.


  • Schuco profiles.
  • 5-chambered profile guarantees perfect thermic and insulation parameters.
  • Window sashes and frames are equipped in steel strengthening elements thanks to which the windows will open easily for many years.
  • Resistance to dirt.
  • They do not require excessive maintenance, which makes them easy to use.
  • HR++ glass as standard.
  • A wide range of colours of timber-look foils.

Akrobud- your windows for years!

pdfczarny      Corona CT 70 Accent Frame

pdfczarny      Schuco Corona CT 70

pdfczarny      Schuco Frame Corona CT 70

pdfczarny      Schuco Frame Corona SI 82

pdfczarny      Thermoplus Framesystem

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