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Do you want to replace the exterior door in your house or apartment? Are you looking for perfect front door? Do you wish you could enjoy peace and quiet? Are you interested in durable and solid kitchen door? Or maybe you would like to have a nice view of a garden or a patio? We offer high quality front, back and sliding doors, which can be used in residential buildings, industrial or commercial facilities.

Akrobud – the door that invites you inside.

Front door

Front door is like a business card of every house. When appropriately selected it can play a decorative role or protect from cold and noise.  Take advantage of our experts’ services and choose the door that will emphasize the character of your household.

Back door

Back door, also known as kitchen door, can also be found in our offer. Thanks to the wide range of profiles, glazing and additional options you will surely find ideal door for you house.

Sliding door

Sliding door will turn very useful in case you want to have an easy access to the garden of a functional exit to a patio. The door we offer is comfortable in use and does not occupy much space while being opened. Moreover, big windows installed in the living room will enlarge it even more, give the inside a spacious and modern look and “let” more light into the room.


Our offer includes two types of sliding doors:

  • PSK – tilt and slide doors – opening, tilting and closing takes place with the use of a doorknob; this type of door has a high threshold.
  • HS – lift and slide doors – this is the best and most failure resistant solution, which thanks to a low threshold is very comfortable in use; this type of door has very good thermal insulation properties.