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Wood is an extremely durable material. At the same time it is very light, which leads to it being widely used in the industrial construction sector.

Thanks to the use of solid wood trusses bonded together with the help of metal nail connector plates, which are pressed into the lumber, we can obtain structures, which are either simple in shape or non-standard that are adjusted to the needs and expectations of our clients. Highly precise designs that take advantage of modern and trusted technologies and based on accurate structural calculations guarantee maximum durability of the structures whilst keeping all ergonomic features such as the best possible use of usable area in commercial premises or storage halls. The effect? Fast and efficient implementation of every investment project.

Advantages of the use of wooden structures:

  • savings – the costs of such solution are even up to 40% lower than the costs of traditional construction methods based on the use of steel and reinforced concrete,
  • roof span up to 30 meters without the need of additional supporting pillars thanks to the use of a durable and strong joints made of nail connector plates,
  • possibility to shape the roof structure in a variety of ways depending on the needs and preferences of the clients,
  • perfect roof coating eg. with PIR foams,
  • time-saving (no discontinuities in the construction works),
  • quick assembly of roof structures,
  • easy and simple method of assembling roof structures,
  • possibility of simultaneous construction of the roof and walls
  • ecological solution, environment-friendly
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