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Eurothane Silver

Eurothane Silver – building in an energy-efficient way!

Do you want to know the perfect solution for the thermal insulation of flat roofs in housing and industrial construction? If yes, then you are in the right place!

Eurothane Silver is a Freon-free rigid thermal insulation board faced with a multi-layer and gastight laminate. It is the most commonly chosen material for the thermal insulation of flat roofs.

The Eurothane Silver boards have a perfect lambda value of 0.023 W/mK and thanks to their remarkable insulation properties they have been used in both housing and industrial construction. It is worth to underline that they are suitable for insulating flat roofs with various coverings.

A huge advantage of Eurothane Silver boards consists in their resistance to deformations and wind loads as well as their durability and dimensional stability while having rather low weigh.

The Eurothane Silver is highly resistant to compression and to equally distributed load (class C). It also has a significant tensile strength perpendicular to surface.

The Eurothane Silver thermal insulation boards for flat roofs hold the Keymark label of quality. Eurothane Silver boards are made of PIR foam and comply with the Euroclass B s2 d0 (end-use on steeldeck).

In case of customised orders or the purchase of a larger amount of boards, the length of the boards may be adapted to suit the needs of the customer. The installation of the boards is very easy and simple which makes this method of roof thermal insulation more and more popular....Read more

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