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Powerroof – insulation of pitched roofs using over the rafter method

Do you know that roof is the most important structural element of your house? It is the roof and protects from wind, rain and cold as well as keeps the warmth inside your four walls.

Do you want to provide a durable insulation of a pitched roof? Do you value trusted and energy efficient solutions? Do you want to keep a constant temperature inside? Or maybe you are wondering how it is possible that despite the airtight windows the warmth “escapes” from your house? The Powerroof panel that provides a durable one-layered thermal insulation using the over the rafter method would best address your needs.

Powerroof is a board made of PIR foam, which enables the installation of insulation on top of the roof structure. It is applied in both industrial and housing construction. Special facing made of thick aluminium acts in the winter months as a screen reflecting the warmth back inside the building.

The Powerroof board is extremely durable and resistance to compression. Thanks to its structure and used materials (such as aluminium) it is also resistant to humidity and water and the Rectivent foil provides an additional protection against the unfavourable weather conditions. It all makes it possible for us to guarantee to you that you roof will last through every weather and you wil finally be able to enjoy the warmth in your house

Apart from the above-mentioned resistance to humidity, the solution we propose also has an advantage of being easily assembled (also when the distance between the rafter is not the same). Moreover, the internal coating and finishing is unchanged (in case of renovation). However, in case of new buildings the application of this insulation method enables to the get the effect of visible trusses, which constitutes an interesting arrangement concept.

Powerroof stands for:

  • perfect insulation parameters – the Powerroof board using over the rafter insulation method and made of the PIR foam has a insulation parameters seven times better than timber and four times better than wool,
  • lack of thermal bridges,
  • guarantee of deformation resistance,
  • full protection of the roof from changing weather conditions,
  • perfectly matching elements,
  • continuous and uniform insulation layer and a low risk of the appearance of condensate due to the fact that each board ends with a tongue-and-groove click system,
  • assembly on top of the structure,
  • durable thermal insulation of a small weigh
  • unique thermal insulation system for pitched roof using over the rafter method.

The POWERROOF board can have a thickness of 60 mm to 180 mm. Depending on the thickness then board can measure 1200 mm x 2500 mm or 1200 mm x 2400 mm.

The manufacturing process of the Powerroof boards is compliant with the ISO norm 9001:2000.

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