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Paris HPL

Paris HPL – it is a nice and spacious dormer made from high quality façade materials (HPL boards). Its reasonable price makes it an architectural solution affordable for everyone.

Vienna Keralit

Vienna Keralit – it is characterised by a beautiful façade finishing made using the materials produced by the brand Keralit. The material resembles wood, which makes it look natural and helps to forget about the necessity to paint the dormer throughout the period of usage. By choosing the Vienna Keralit you will give an individual character to every room and you will obtain an additional well sunlit space.

Monaco Aluminium

Monaco Aluminium – these are the roofs that we are most proud of. The façade has been made of aluminium. A wide range of colours helps to adapt the dormer to your needs and preferences.


If you want to choose yourself the look of your roof, that solution is made just for you. Take advantage of the façade materials and accessories from our offer and … give it a go!