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Prefabrication of timber roofs with the use of Mitek nail plates:

  • gives a new dimension to the construction of timber roofs,
  • gives a possibility to adjust the chosen solution to the shape of the roof and the investment costs,
  • enables to design internal walls in various ways without the need to pour foundations underneath them,
  • gives a possibility to accommodate a large attic without the use of supporting pillars,
  • makes the assembly of electrical installations, parts of ventilation and insulation systems or others a very easy task.

Implementation of our solutions = safety for you and your family and friends / Feel safe at your own house

  1. thanks to the implemented technology and professional designing programs it is possible to precisely calculate the structure with a large safety margin,
  2. Mitek nail plates have appropriate certificates, - the program provides the entire documentation necessary in the production cycle, - prefabrication guarantees quality and reduces the risk of human error, - the lumber we use is dry and it has an optimal humidity level and resistance class, - the lumber can be impregnated.

Planning the expenses is a crucial part of every investment. See how we make your money stay in your pocket:

  1. we provide the customers with a complete design of roof structure; the investor is only responsible for delivering the loading conditions and the geometry of the truss structure,
  2. in comparison to steel or reinforced concrete structures timber as a building material may turn to be even 50% cheaper,
  3. thanks to prefabrication the investor knows the exact costs of the investment,
  4. the duration of construction works is significantly shortened,
  5. no risk of the bought materials being stolen – the ready-to-use trusses are delivered and quickly assembled the same day,
  6. “slimming” of foundations and partition walls thanks to the use of the chord of a truss as a supporting element of the roof,
  7. thanks to the technology provided by Mitek the use of lumber decreases for around 30% (in comparison to the traditional rafter framing) which makes the structure lighter, stronger, more economic and environment friendly,
  8. the documentation we draft help the investor the build the structure without the need to employ subcontractors.

The prefabrication of timber structures with the use of truss technology guarantees that the materials are tailored-made and the quality will last for years.

  • the lumber is dry so there is no need to impregnate it,
  • a low risk of breaking plates,
  • perfect cutting precision
  • the repeatability of a truss
  • perfect roof slope which makes the further works easier and more comfortable

Our trusses will always serve their purpose as the materials we use are of the highest quality.

Timber is a material that has been used in construction for centuries. It is much lighter than steel or concrete and its significant (in relation to its weigh) resistance makes it so widely used in modern constructions all around the world.

Our timber is a structural timber
  1. It is a dry lumber of 18% (+/- 2%).
  2. During the chamber drying process all mould and fungi spores are eliminated as a result of which, for example, in Sweden timber is rarely impregnated.
  3. Planed four times.

This technology was for the first time used in the United States in 1950s. Mitek nail plates are manufactured from galvanised sheets with flocked nails. Separate nail plates differ from one another in thickness and the diameter of nails which has influence on their durability and enables to use them depending on the requirements of the program.

The advantage of this technology consists in the fact that the plates evenly transmit the load from one adjacent element to another, which helps to eliminate the stresses and makes the nail plates as strong as the lumber itself.

We prepare the design documentation for our clients using RoofCon/TrussCon software provided by Mitek. The software is regularly updated and complies with the newest Polish and foreign construction norms. The designing process has the following stages:

  1. Sketching the outline of the walls.
  2. The choice of the best solution for the truss structure.
  3. The analysis of the factors that influence the trusses and their designing process.
  4. The placement of the Mitek nail plates.
  5. Drafting the documentation for the purpose of manufacturing.

The trusses elements are cut with special saws in accordance with the list of cuts generated by the professional software.

Prefabricated timber structures are delivered to the construction site by the investor himself or through a forwarder in the time frame convenient for the investor.

Prefabricated elements are assembled in a quick and easy way. The assembly is done by the carpenters in accordance with the technical documentation and it takes about one day (in case of detached houses) or up to a week in case of larger structures.