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Eurowall 21

Eurowall 21 – ultra thin wall insulation

The Eurowall 21 boards are a brand new position in our company’s offer dedicated for the most demanding customers who expect modern and technologically advanced solutions. 

The Eurowall 21 are ultra thin polyurethane boards faced with damp-proof laminate which are used for insulating three-layered walls that are characterised by a very high ratio of thickness to thermal insulation. They have a remarkable value of the thermal conductivity coefficient λd=0.021 W/mK, which constitutes the best score on the market. 

Thickness RD(m2K/W )
60mm 2,85
75mm 3,57
90mm 4,29
100mm 4,76

On standard basis, the Eurowall 21 boards are equipped with a modern tongue-and-groove click system on all four sides, which guarantees a perfect interlocking of the panels with one another and enables to eliminate the effect of a thermal bridge usually created at the connections of the boards, which results in the best insulation.

That product is faced with two types of coatings. The reflective side has an outline of a grid, which enables a precise location of the fixings. That coating is installed towards the outside. The mat coating provides a perfect resistance to alkali substances and is installed towards the inside of a cavity.

Moreover, the boards are very light, which facilitates their assembly. It is also a wind-proof and water-proof material, which influences its durability and results in the constancy of insulation parameters. The boards also have stable measurements and with their handy format (600 mm x 1200 mm), they can be installed quickly and easily.

Application of the Eurowall 21 board:

  • Thermal insulation of attics using the below rafter insulation method
  • Cavity walls
  • Ventilated facades
  • Three-layered walls

The manufacturing process of the Eurowall 21 boards is compliant with the quality system ISO 9001-2008 and the environmental norm ISO 14001.

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